Nigerians have made millions on the
internet, Nigerians are still making
millions and they will still continue to
make millions on the internet. Thousands
of Nigerians are earning themselves
millions of Naira online on a monthly basis while some earn enough online to
quit their 7-7 job to become their own
boss. The interesting part is that you can Make Money Online in Nigeria legitimately in 2015 without involving in
any fraudulent activities. The industry is
still in its infancy and there is still a long
way for it to grow. I created this post in 2011, and ever
since then, I have been updating it with
the latest methods Nigerias can use to
make money. In previous times,I introduced people to Information Marketing, Blogging and Bulk Sms Business. But I noticed that out of the three of them, Blogging is the surest
and easiest. Ask me why? If you start a
blog, you can make money on it via
affiliate, ads, information marketing and
the likes. Just keep reading for more
enlightenment. You don’t have to be a whizkid or
programmer before you can make money
online . Your sex, age, race are not
barriers to making money online. Once you are able to read this short piece, your
success is guaranteed. Now, I know you
should be ready to leave the poverty
zone for prosperity zone. I want to introduce you to a business
Model that has worked for me and for
thousands of Nigerians. It is called
‘Blogging’. You might be thinking ‘Olu, I
failed blogging, please talk about
another thing’. The simple truth is, ‘you are not doing it the right way’. It’s likely
you are in the categories of blogger that: Blog in a niche because someone told them
he/she makes money from it Are impatience (they want to start today, and
start making $200/hour in the next 1 month) Are comparing themselves with other bloggers Lacks Motivation (no visitors) Not able to face failures If you are among the categories listed
above and failed, don’t worry. I’m ready
to help as many intending bloggers as
possible to achieve their dreams. Important Rules: 1. Blogging requires consistent efforts. You don’t
have to start a niche because someone else
makes money from it. I’ve always tried to set-
up an entertainment blog because I initially
thought that was the only niche I can make
money from. The temptation always come whenever I see the figures made by Nigerian
entertainment bloggers. But I’ve always failed,
nobody heard of the blog. I had to look inward
and start something I have always wanted to
do. Apart from that, I worked everyday to keep
my blogs going even when I was making $zero. Be consistent, never be intimidated by
the figures you see online, follow your passion
.i.e. the niche you can be yourself. 2. Be Patient. There is a popular cliché we’ve
always heard since when we were a kid. It
says ‘ Rome wasn’t built in a day’. Sure. You
just have to be patient if it seems nothing is
coming forth from your effort. Those ads that
promised $100/hour are bunch of pranks. Most of them want to swindle you of your hard
earned money. Most pro-bloggers you see
today don’t make a dime in their first year of
blogging. My first 5 months of blogging was
‘horrible’. ‘Horrible’ in the sense that nothing
was showing forth as compensation. Your start might also seems ‘horrible’. Horrible start –
you check your blog stats and what you saw
was 1 pageview. Meaning you are the only one
that checked your blog. Just be calm,
everything gona be aright. It’s just a matter of
time and learning. What if I don’t Know a Niche to Start? Some people are like ‘I’m not pretty good
at anything, I don’t know the niche to
start’. The answer is simple. If you don’t
know a niche to start, buy 5 books on a
topic that interest you. After reading the
five books completely, start sharing what you’ve learnt on your blog. How Much Does it Take to Set-Up a Blog? Blogger and WordPress are the most
popular and commonly used blogging
platforms. Both are free, but in the case
of WordPress you need to purchase a
hosting account. Meanwhile if you are
using Blogger, you don’t need to host anything, just get a custom domain
name. You can start a blog based on
what you have in your pocket. I heard you
say ‘That can’t be possible, I only have
N5k’. With N5k you can get a custom
domain name for your blog with N1,500- N2,000 and start blogging on Blogger. If
you are buoyantly ok, you can start on
WordPress. Check: Benefits of Using Blogger over
WordPress Benefits of Using WordPress over
Blogger How to Make Money Online Blogging Making money from a blog is quite the
easiest thing, but where the work lies is
the traffic. Below are some means to
make money from a blog: Advertising Selling your own product Affiliate Marketing and etc. Hardly have I seen a day where I won’t
receive calls/mails from some members
of this blog and even visitors requesting
for easy means to get an Approved Google Adsense account. But the funniest part is that their blogs have
zero-100 daily pageviews. Do you think
you can make anything with adsense
from such stats? It’s quite impossible.
The real truth is to work on your traffic.
You don’t have to rely on Adsense alone. With enough traffic, you can accept
direct advertising, sell your own product
to your audience and the likes. Now that you Know Now that you now the right and easiest
model to making money online, some will
be like ‘what’s the next thing now?’ The
next thing is to set up your blog, publish
informative articles and start making
money…… Wow! That’s easy….. yea simple but requires work. You know what people say about
blogging? They say ‘blogging isn’t a real
business’. I agree with them because no
business fulfils these features: What business gives you the freedom to live
anywhere with a wifi connection? What other business can give you a 90%+
profit margin? In what other business could you travel around
the world while saving money? Such business doesn’t exist aside
blogging. But how do you get started? Before I begin, let me introduce myself to
you. My name is Olusegun Fapohunda, an Undergraduate of AAUA. I make my
living from my blogs, which Just Naira is
one. So no nonsense, no fluff. I know
how hard and frustrating it can be to get
started when you don’t know how to get
started. I am going to make it extremely easy for
you to blog. I am ready to help you get
started immediately. The most common excuses for not
starting a blog are: I don’t know how I’m not a “technical” person I don’t know where to start What’s a blog? How…what…where…what do I do?! Those who are ready should click here to hire me. My team is going to do the hard work for you. You only need to compose
the posts, and introduce strategies you
wish to use to make money online.


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