How To Set Up A Free Domain On Wapka Name:

DOMAIN first you need to visit to get a free domain 1. Create your account on using
SIGNUP link and activate this account
using your email link! 2. After sign up visit then “enter
your email & password” then click to login
on panel. 3. After login you will see the control
panel just find DOMAIN PANEL and click
on its link. 4. Now on that page you will see 2 links
“add a domain & transfer domain” so
“CLICK TO ADD A DOMAIN” link. 5. Now you see the textarea , enter your
domain name eg: “9jabaze” but dont
include “.tk” at the end because its
automatically included to your domain. 6. After entering your domain name click
to “add new domain” link and if that
domain is available,then you got the 2
options with “free” and “paid domain” so
click on “free domain” then fill the “form”
with registration details. 7. Fill this form with following details only
and leave other thing blank just use this
options : * Use DNS for this domain > Use my own DNS Service > Nameserver IP Address:- (leave blank) (leave blank) * Registration length 12 month * Type the characters you see in this
picture (enter captcha code correctly)
then click on bottom “NEXT” link.
You have successfully created a domain
and be ready to park your domain.


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