How to set User Rank IN Wapka Forum

This is one of what some wapka
wapmaster face as a vast qualms
but with the help of this tutorial ,it
wil be easy.

Go to your wapka site ,enter admin
mode or your site,

Edit site>>WAP2>> styles for content
in forum/chat>>set global settings
of styles for forum/chat>> scrol
down to or set own form for: ,under it ,click on Messages in forum then
add this code in your style of messages in the forum ::groups::
to where you want the rank
position to be e.g right ,left or
then click on set to submit it .

part 2 of it Go to Edit site >> scrol down to User>> u wil c FUNCIT0NS under it>>click on Groups >> >> then you wil see
CREATE NEW GROUP create any group with any name, e.g head
admin ,pm moderator ,etc then
after creating it , go to
or to login >>login to ur
wapka site ,go to >>user >>
Registered User>> then select those user and select the group you want them to be that. If you IT get comment or share it below


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