Roles of Financial Secretary in an Organisation

The financial secretary is an elected officer authorized to receive all monies collected by the PTA. Some responsibilities of the office are specified in the unit bylaws; others are established by council, district PTA and California State PTA procedures. The financial secretary may be a member of the budget committee.

What to Do

  • Upon taking office, obtain all audited unit PTA financial secretary records and material from your predecessor. This should include a standardized bound ledger book, a receipt book and remittance forms (for transferring money over to the council and district PTA treasurers) and a check endorsement stamp, if available. A current copy of the California State PTA Toolkit, Finance, should be included in the procedure book/file.
  • Become familiar with all PTA procedures for handling money. These may be found in the California State PTA Toolkit, National PTA Quick-Reference Guide, Money Matters. Additional copies of California State PTA publications may be ordered from the California State PTA through the List of PTA Materials, Introduction.
  • Review the Bylaws for Local PTA/PTSA Units for stated responsibilities.
  • Receive all monies, check amounts for accuracy and issue a numbered receipt for each transaction. All receipts should be accounted for and numbered.
  • Record all receipts in a bound ledger book, indicating the date of receipt, number of receipt issued, amount, from whom received, and for what account (e.g., membership, fundraising).
  • Note any refunds or disbursements that need to be made.
  • Prepare all authorizations for payment if authorized by the executive board or the association. If not authorized to write authorizations, provide recording secretary with necessary information on refunds and disbursements to write authorizations.
  • Give the treasurer itemized bills, sales slips, and invoices for payment by check.
  • Prepare and sign authorizations for payment if required by the executive board or association.
  • Determine whether the unit bylaws require the financial secretary to immediately deposit the money in the appropriate checking or savings account or after proper accounting forward the money to the treasurer, receiving a numbered, dated receipt. If the banking is done by the financial secretary, a duplicate deposit slip and a remittance form listing the accounting of all money received shall be forwarded to the treasurer immediately.
  • Prepare a monthly financial report of all monies received, deposits made and/or authorizations for payment prepared. Distribute to the president, recording secretary and all financial officers. Keep a copy for the financial secretary’s procedure book.
  • Prepare an Annual Financial Report of all monies received during the past fiscal year. The dates of the unit fiscal year (e.g., July 1-June 30) will be found in the unit bylaws. Distribute report to the president, recording secretary and all financial officers. Keep a copy for the financial secretary’s procedure book.
  • Submit all records for audit semi-annually and at any time a financial officer resigns or no longer serves in that position, before the new officer assumes the duties, and whenever deemed necessary.
  • Attend all events where money may need to be counted.
  • Make sure that at least two people count the money together. This may include the event chairman and treasurer or financial secretary if possible.
  • Keep a record of all funds counted using the “Cash Verification Form” found in California State PTA Toolkit.
  • Ensure that all persons counting the money sign the “Cash Verification Form.”
  • Do not keep money overnight at home.
  • Money may be kept in a school safe overnight if allowed by the school principal. Refer to the financial procedures outlined in the California State PTA Toolkit.

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