How to remove computer virus/uwanted files usinf CMD

[html]Hi, I know that almost
everyone who is using computer
must be having antivirus installed
on their system and some of them
may not. But sometime it happens
that your antivirus doesn’t detect virus even though you have 100% doubt that your Pendrive must
have virus because you brought
your Pendrive from somewhere
like cyber cafe, PC from where
there is no antivirus installed, etc.

Now in this case you must follow
the steps given below to check
unwanted files and folder in your
PenDrive and delete it.

Note that, this trick can also be use
to remove unwanted files/folders from your Drive too.

Follow the steps to remove unwanted Files from your Pendrive/ Drive without opening it:

1. Insert your Virus infect Pendrive and Scan for virus, if
detected then well and good
otherwise go ahead to remove it
from command prompt.

In my case it has detected the
virus even though I would like
show you, how to remove this
virus using command prompt?

2. As you can see that antivirus installed on my system has
detected “autorun.inf” file.

This is the file; if you try to open it
then your system may get infected
with virus.

3. So, let us remove it from command prompt.

Open command prompt and go to
the virus infected drive by typing
“Drive name with colon” (H: ) then enter.

Now type attrib -s -h *.* /s /d and enter. And continue by typing “dir” which will show you all files/folders in that drive, as you
can see that files is
present in this drive.

4. Now if you want to delete it then just type “RD name of file/ folder to be deleted)” or
rename it to delete it manually.

To rename the file just type in command prompt

REN “Path of files/folder to be deleted” (space) “Name to be given”

5. Now you can check that has been rename as useless

6. Now if you will scan then your antivirus won’t detected virus
in that drive.

7. Now if you want then you can delete this file after opening the

You may not go for such a large
procedure to delete any virus
affected file if you have daily
updated antivirus. But this is quite
useful when one of your folder is
giving you trouble by hanging your system when you open that folder.

Please let us know through
reply area, if you have any
other trick to share with you
in that drive. [/html]


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